As Goth-rock upstarts Dommin continue to release one new track from their forthcoming debut album Love is Gone right here every Friday, we've got some extras in store for this week.

Not only are we offering the new track "I Still Lost" -- a heartfelt, catchy song that namesake frontman Kristofer Dommin explains as, "Sometimes you have to recognize that there are some things that are bigger than you and beyond your control.  This song isn't just about defeat, but also acceptance." -- but we are also offering fans a chance to get some special extras for preordering the new album. Whether you choose to preorder with a t-shirt or just get the album, all preorders come with a free MP3 of "Awake" -- an exclusive b-side from the Dommin EP.

Listen to "I Still Lost" now and don't miss your chance to reserve a copy of Love is Gone before it drops on February 2nd.