In part 1 of his 2-part tour blog from the band's two recent weeks spent in Europe, Dommin frontman Kristofer Dommin explains the "crazy time with a lot of ups and some downs" that the band had hitting the festival circuit.

Writes Kris, "The days of leisure went by pretty fast and before we knew it, the weekend was upon us and we were making our way to the Rock Am Ring festival. This is said to be the biggest German festival. It would be our first experience with European style festivals. All we knew is what we played of The Warped Tour and Bamboozle. This was entirely different. The first sign that we were close is the cluster of tents. Several small tent cities pop up in the name of rock 'n' roll on the grounds surrounding the festival. The festival is impressive and very well-organized. We are directed by knowledgeable people to dressing rooms, which we didn't expect at a festival. We are scheduled to play one of the smaller stages around 5PM. As we hadn't even tried out the new equipment, I spend most of the time between arrival and performance turning nobs and getting the sound right on the amp I've yet to use. I was also very excited to unveil the new backdrop we bought. It's large enough to be seen at the largest of festivals but small enough to be used at mid-sized venues as well. As I was waiting at the side of the stage to go out, it put the biggest smile on my face to see the bright, detailed and very large "Rose-Skull" hanging behind the stage."

...After we perform, we made our way to the Main Stage where we caught the last half of 30 Seconds To Mars' amazing set. I started to feel tired and uncomfortable in the large packed in crowd. I left the rest of the guys to watch Muse's set and I made my way back to the dressing room. Their sound was amazing and as I reached the dressing room, I was also getting the sounds of Slayer clashing in the air with Muse. The next day we play three hours away at Rock Im Park. It's essentially the same festival as Rock Am Ring just different bands on different days. The one thing we find as we arrive on location is that this stage is indoors. I immediately feel much more excited to play when I find this out. Since I didn't have to spend my time adjusting nobs on my amp head, I spent a lot more time loitering. I started to really take in the environment in which I was surrounded. For example, while I was picking at the catering, I noticed that at the table adjacent to mine, the entire band of Alice In Chains was digging into their dinner. It was really nice that the guys in We Are The Fallen came around our stage to check out our set. It was good to see them again."

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