A couple things here that Chimaira wanted to pass on to y'all... First, "every show in Texas has been great," tells Chris from Chimaira. The band is currently in the midst of a tour with Ill Nino and Factory 81, a tour which has had them all in (don't mess with) Texas for the past few shows. Guitarist Rob Arnold adds "Good God, Texas is amazing. We didn't really know what to expect from our Texas excursions, but now we know what's up. Our last three shows - Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio - were completely off the hook." Despite a few members of Chimaira being a bit under the weather over the past few days, the band has been carrying on and going on about how insane the (don't mess with) Texas shows have been...along with making it a point to visit their new "home away from home" very soon. The second bit of information we are passing along is the re-launch of Chimaira's website, www.Chimaira.com. Like their current site? Well, get your fill of it now...tomorrow (08/08) will mark the changing of the guard, the launching of their new site...special thanks for the new site you will see go out to Chimaira, Thredz, Mike Bodine, and Paul Ward. What to expect? You'll see it all tomorrow...we'll drop a line when it is live.