Please be advised that the DOOMSDAY FOR THE USA tour featuring our very own Machine Head, along with Saliva, Stereomud, and headliner Powerman 5000, has been canceled. The tour for which 29 dates have already been confirmed, starting September 6th and running thru October 14th, has been thrown out the window. Reason being that Powerman 5000's upcoming release has been pushed back to a 2002 release. Word is that they will be going back in the studio to work on some more material for the album. Apologies, this does suck, as this would have been a great tour. However, you can find a silver lining to each and every cloud. Silver lining here? The cancellation of this tour was not our fault for once! Though you never wish it, it's finally nice to see someone else push a release date back...for you see, misery indeed loves company! In the meantime, Machine Head will still be heading to Japan, Korea, and Australia for six shows later this month...including two Feast Of The Beast shows, in Korea and Japan, with Slayer (yes, you know what we are about to write). Touring plans after their arrival from abroad are tba. Supercharger is still on schedule for release on October 2nd.