Later on this afternoon, Theory Of A Deadman is gonna be dropping by the Roadrunner office here in NYC. They have the night off from their current tour travels...tour travels which will be taking them to Morristown, NJ (Mo-town, that is)... Ahhh, New J-E-R-S-E-Y...So check this out, the venue which Theory will be playing at tomorrow night (10/22) is called Double D's. What's in a name? Exactly what you think....Upon further investigation this afternoon (i.e. calling the venue), Double D's is indeed a strip club - New Jersey's Premier Gentlemens Club, as they call themselves. Double D's holds an executive V.I.P. Champagne Room and thirty dancers daily, including Vivian and Serenity this afternoon. Furthermore, for you football fans, they offer up $2 pints and a free halftime buffet during Monday Night Football. Tonight, of course, being the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Indianapolis Colts. Tomorrow night (10/22), Theory Of A Deadman headlining the joint with some local talent in tow. To be precise, Theory will be playing the Shark Bar - a room inside the club. Drop on by and check them out, should be a hoot (sorry, had to say it). self titled debut Theory Of A Deadman album in stores now see TOUR section for all confirmed Theory dates