Doug Stanhope appeared on Louis CK's show Louie last night, playing "Eddie," a former friend and peer of CK's whose career was on a downward slide and who had decided to end it all. His performance was extremely well-received by TV critics.

New York magazine's Brian Raftery wrote, "last night’s episode provided one of the most notable revelations thus far: Holy crap! That Doug Stanhope dude can act!...Up until the last few weeks, I was torn between my enjoyment of this season of Louie and my frustration with those who seemed to reflexively declare every episode a work of genius...“Eddie,” much like last week’s already infamous Dane Cook installment, has swung Louie back to reality — so much so that I can’t help but wonder how closely both episodes adhere to actual events. Maybe Stanhope’s character is based on a friend of Louis’s, or maybe his naturally self-loathing performance stems from being closer to Eddie than he’d like to admit. Or maybe he’s just one of those rare actors who can play drunk without coming off like a wild-eyed fifties-Western ne’er-do-well."

The AV Club's Todd VanDerWerff, meanwhile, wrote, "'Eddie' is just the latest 'dark' episode of this show, an episode that is about a rather cautionary tale of what might have happened to Louie if he was less talented or less hungry or less… whatever. Eddie Mac, played by comedian Doug Stanhope (in a terrific performance), is a funny guy. He proves that by getting up at the open mic and telling jokes that are legitimately amusing. But he doesn’t really have a personal stamp. He’s funny, but he’s not funny enough. Where Louie pours his heart out onstage, Eddie’s telling jokes that are the latest variations on jokes you’ve already heard. They’re funny variations, but they’re not the sorts of things that are original enough to win him late night talk show gigs or the acclaim of millions."

Doug Stanhope's latest release, the CD/DVD Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere, is out now and can be yours via Amazon or iTunes. He recently recorded a new album in Salt Lake City which will be out later this year.