Doug Stanhope drinks. Onstage, offstage - it's not exactly a secret that if you spot a beverage in his hand, it's unlikely to be a Diet Coke. So when Front Magazine decided to interview him, the conversation turned to alcohol...and stayed there.

Says Stanhope, "A general rule is to try to be as drunk as the audience. If you’re ahead of them, they’re looking at you like you’re a problem. Like when you’re drinking with your friends, when there’s one friend who started at 5:30, y’know, now he’s already hammered, and you know you’re gonna end up like that, but right now you see how pathetic he looks. You wanna try and all get drunk at the same pace."

He also describes the only time he's ever thrown up onstage (in Liverpool, England), saying, "It wasn’t from being overly drunk, but I’d ordered a tequila and they brought me up whiskey, so my mouth was ready for tequila. I’m not a whiskey drinker so my body rejected it like a bad kidney transplant and I just puked all over the stage. Here’s a note to any young comedians reading this – if you’re gonna puke on stage, make sure it’s your closing bit. All the funniest jokes in your arsenal aren’t gonna amuse people as much as vomiting all over yourself on stage. You can’t follow that. I guess I could’ve followed it by shitting my pants."

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