Doug Stanhope was recently interviewed by, prior to a performance down South. He talks about being the wrong kind of class clown, why he fled Los Angeles for Arizona, and his years co-hosting The Man Show, among other things.

Recalling his school years, he says, "I was a really dark class clown who scared everybody...I have a framed letter on my wall that is dated 1979 from the school psychologist. The second paragraph says, 'We strongly believe Douglas is in serious need of help.'"

He says of his time on The Man Show, "We knew it was bad. [The producers] wouldn’t take any of our ideas...It’s one thing to suck on your own terms, but I took the paycheck. I’ve been waiting many years for people to forget it."

Stanhope currently lives in Bisbee, Arizona, after a decade in Southern California, a period he doesn't look back on fondly. "I lived in L.A. for 10 years and it sucked so badly...I don’t want anything they’re selling."

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