Doug Stanhope was recently interviewed by The Daily Page in Madison, Wisconsin; during the discussion, he talks about hecklers, editing his jokes, and more.

Says Stanhope, "Now that I have my own audience, if people are yelling shit, they're usually trying to be on my side, even though they're still fucking up the show. But back in the day - when I was working comedy clubs where it was random audiences, and you're there all week, where you have bachelorette parties coming in and all that shit - even then people would just yell from the back of the room as they were leaving. I never had any real face-to-face confrontations."

He also discusses keeping his jokes to a manageable length, saying, "The problem is that my bits tend to get longer and longer. Even for the newest album, there's a bit about Dr. Drew that goes into another joke about AA without any obvious break. Then you need to break it up so there's more than three track titles on the back of your CD. You want them to play it on Sirius radio, and they're not going to play a track that's 20 minutes."

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