Huffington Post writer Mike Ragogna recently interviewed comedian Doug Stanhope, who had a lot to say on the subject of inspiration, where his jokes come from, etc.

Says Doug, "The word 'inspiration' is so flowery, it queers my stomach, like there's some great comedy muse out there and I must find it. You hang around, you drink, you talk shit, and then you say, 'Hey, that's funny. I should write that on a cocktail napkin.' I'm not sitting around stroking some goatee, staring at the sky thinking, 'What shall I do with my art? How shall I be inspired?'"

Similarly, he says, "I have no idea where the material comes from. It's like asking me where ideas come from; I don't know. You have material, you have stuff that bothers you, you have stuff that's funny, and you pound the road until you're so sick of saying it that you have to put it on a DVD so that you can never have to say it again. Then, a year and a half later, it comes out, and you're doing an interview where you don't remember what the hell is on the album."

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