Doug Stanhope recently gave a long interview to the Chicago branch of the AV Club, which you can read here. It covers a huge range of topics, from why he lives in Bisbee, Arizona to his recent appearance on the show Louie (and why he's unlikely to do anything like it again) to whether he's mellowing with age.

Says Stanhope about writing new, different types of material, "I desperately want to, but when you start to get to your core topics that you’re really passionate about, there’s only so many. And there’s only so many ways you can rephrase them and repackage them and resell them. You start going, 'Oh shit, I need new material.' Now I’m trying to find second-string things I hate. I’m sitting around trying to write Libya jokes. I don’t give a fuck about Libya. I’m watching the news, and I just really have to do more with my life. Any time you have to rely on CNN or The New York Times or USA Today, it’s only because I’m not doing enough in my personal life."

On the subject of his drinking, he says, "I’m not closing down bars anymore. I drink heavily on stage and then I drink a little bit after, but then I usually hit the hotel, ’cause there’s really nothing that last call has promised me anymore. There’s nothing there. I’d much rather wake up in time for the free breakfast at the hotel. Some places I still—like in Portland, I have a lot of weird friends and a lot of weird stuff to do. Like last time, we ended up at a swinger’s club, because it was a weird thing to do and I knew the chick that ran it, and we were given a guided tour of this middle-aged orgy. It was hilarious. But there’s not a lot of opportunities to see something you haven’t seen before."

Go here to read the whole thing. It's worth it.

When you're done with that, watch this video of a clean-shaven, remarkably lucid Stanhope appearing on John Stossel's show on the Fox Business Channel:

Doug Stanhope is on the road right now. Visit our tour page to find a show near you!