Doug Stanhope is a really nice guy - until you steal his material and pass it off as your own. Joke theft is pretty much the greatest, and most unforgivable, sin in the world of comedy. Even borrowing a one-liner without attribution can get you in trouble. But when you lift entire bits from one particular comedian and pass them off - on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, a blog and more - as your own, well, you're asking for a whole world of trouble. And a guy named Troy Holm got it this week, when Doug Stanhope fans realized that he'd appropriated an astonishing amount of Stanhope's material, changed the names slightly, and passed it off as brand-new comedy.

All of Holm's social media accounts have vanished at this point, following two days of brutal punishment from waves of Stanhope fans, but you can read an OC Weekly interview with Doug here talking about the whole thing, and you can check out (and join) the Occupy Troy Holm Facebook page, which is pretty hilarious all on its own.

Don't steal, people. It's bad.

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