Doug Stanhope will be one of five comedians appearing on the latest episode of Paul Provenza's comedy talk show, The Green Room. He'll be joining Richard Belzer, Dave Attell, Janeane Garofalo, and Glenn Wool.

The Green Room offers comedy fans the chance to see the world's greatest comedians in a roundtable setting, speaking off-the-cuff and uncensored in front of a studio audience. No rules, no agenda, no censors... just some of the funniest people around, riffing on and ripping each other apart.

The episode premieres tonight at 11 PM, and will re-air at the following times:

Fri 07/29 12:00 AM ET/PT (SHO)
Fri 07/29 11:00 PM ET/PT (SHO Extreme)
Fri 07/29 11:29 PM ET/PT (SHO 2)
Sat 07/30 01:00 AM ET/PT (SHO)
Sun 07/31 01:00 AM ET/PT (SHO)
Mon 08/01 08:30 PM ET/PT (SHO 2)
Mon 08/01 11:35 PM ET/PT (SHO Extreme)
Wed 08/03 08:00 PM ET/PT (SHO)
Wed 08/03 11:30 PM ET/PT (SHO)