This weekend (Sunday, 07/01), head your ass down to New Mexico, the city of Albuquerque in particular. Roadrunner acts Downer and Dislocated Styles will be playing in grand fashion for KTEG's EdgeFest 7 at the Journal Pavilion...come one, come all, it is an all ages festival. So you want to know more? Well how about this: "Downer will be heading out to the great American Southwest hotspot, Albuqueque, NM on July 1st to blow the lid off the 104.7 Edgefest 7! Fans will be treated to a full day of ear pummeling beatdowns from the likes of Staind, Cold, Kittie, Downer, Rammstein, Toadies, and fellow Roadrunner derelicts, Dislocated Styles. The men will pit, the ladies will cry as Downer shows Albuqueque how to fire it up, California style. Don't even try to stay home and watch N'Sync on MTV on this day because Downer will send Rammstein over to your house to beat you senseless with their giant rubber cocks. Put away your hair gel and leopard denim jacket and get your ass to New Mexico for the real action this weekend! Don't make your girlfriend laugh at you......" And if that doesn't get you hooked, then maybe you should stay at home and watch N'Sync! Special thanks to Downer vocalist John Scott for the above verbiage.