So what's up with Downer? In a first in Roadrunner history, Downer's track "Last Time" was the #1 song added at college and metal radio last week. Cheers! Now how about a video for the song? That is being answered by the band themselves. Downer are currently working on a self produced video for the song. How? A friend of bassist Jed Hathaway was contracted out to do some shooting. Well, he finished early and had the equipment for an extra night. Instead of returning it, he came and shot Downer at a practice. "It looks sick" tells singer John Scott. They currently have about half the footage needed for the video, and plan on adding in some home video shots from the recording of their self titled debut, which I am told are hilarious. Also look for some live footage to be possibly included in the video. And when will this be ready? Since it is being produced by friends, the completion date is pretty vague. As John Scott tells, "It could be done in two weeks, it could be done in two months." Let's hope for the former over the latter. In the meantime, check out this E-Card to hear/see "Last Time" in a new light. And if that isn't enough, you can read a recent review on their upcoming LP on