Roadrunner artists Airbourne, Dommin, Killswitch Engage, Megadeth, Porcupine Tree, Stone Sour and Taking Dawn all graced the many stages at Donington, Derby, UK this past weekend, melting many faces with their live fury.

Don't take our biased word for it, though! Read on to see what assessed about Dommin, Killswitch Engage and Megadeth respectively, and check out some photos from Taking Dawn and Porcupine Tree's sets below.

Download's official site puts the performance of LA-based goth rockers Dommin in context, saying, "This was the band's first Download appearance and they showcased their recently released second full length album Love is Gone. With songs such as My Heart, Your Hands, Tonight and One Feeling, the gothic rockers showed they could hold their own on the main stage.
“You guys doing alright so far?" shouted lead vocalist Kristofer Dommin, as the audience claimed their spots for the day. The four-piece belted out some impressive tracks and they seemed to be waking up the crowd on this sunny Sunday morning. Very blues sounds, keyboard playing the crowds were impressed.
Claiming “it's a great honour to be playing at download" the darkly romantic rockers belted out a rendition of Cutting Crew’s I just Died in your Arms Tonight. The crowd soon got going to the great guitar riffs that were being produced by Kristofer."

Cited as one of Metal Hammer's sets to watch at this year's fest, Megadeth did not disappoint. Writes the official Download site, "The heavy metal giants Megadeth took to the Maurice Jones Stage this evening and rocked liked they've never rocked before! The crowd went nuts for the heavy metallers as the guitar riffs made the whole of Donington one pumping place. Megadeth were here for one thing only, and that was to make sure that the crowd had one big party!!

As the crowd swayed their arms, hands were put together to worship the almighty rock gods that are Megadeth!! This was the band's fourth time at Download and they certainly didn't disappoint.
With the beautiful sunny weather still holding up, the four-piece entertained the thousands and thousands of fans that had descended on Donington and we’re pretty sure that those cheers could be heard for miles.
As they played songs from their latest album End Game, they produced some sensational sounds as they performed This Day We Fight!, 44 Minutes and Bite the Hand. All we can say is - the riffs were purely astounding.

The crowd seemed well up for a rock fest and that's exactly what they got. Lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine played some amazing riffs and these alone were enough to make you quake in your boots!

There was minimal talking from the band, but to be honest it was all about the music - no talking was necessary. With fingers poised in the air, what else could the crowd do other than to rock out to the almighty rock band?

Their Download performance was absolutely phenomenal and we’re hoping that they will be back to Donington next year!"

For Killswitch Engage's showing, the site contends, "After making a phenomenal Download debut in 2005, Killswitch Engage were back at Download today, and they definitely did not disappoint the rock-hungry crowd.

Stepping in to fill Wolfmother’s slot, the metalcore masters last played a brutal set on the Maurice Jones Stage.

Playing songs from all their albums the crowd went mental as thousands were clapping their hands and vocalist Howard Jones shouted “Thank you to all the people at Download for inviting us back… I mean who gets to play at Download twice in a row!”.

The crowd were treated to Starting Over, a track from their second-time self-titled album and the devil horns were out in full force. 

Lead guitarist, Adam Dutkiewicz, donned his Superman cape and shouted “I woke up with a massive boner today… because we get to play Download!!”, making the crowd go wild.

As the mosh pit built up and the sun still shining, Howard Jones threw bottles of water into the thirsty crowd and said “this is fucking awesome!”.

The metal demons entertained the crowd with their powerful riffs and dynamic vocals, making this an unforgettable set of the day!

We're pretty sure Killswitch Engage will be back at Download for many years to come!"

Taking Dawn electric.

Taking Dawn acoustic.

Porcupine Tree's Steve Wilson.

Porcupine Tree's Colin Edwin.