Three dorks with a handheld video camera documented their trip to see Dragonforce in Houston, TX. The resulting "rockumentary" is an alternately excrutiating and essential portrait of adolesence and fandom. You probably don't need to watch more than a few seconds of this to get the idea, but the point at 5:42 where one kid shows us "the hand that touched Herman Li" and another excitedly details how keyboardist Vadim Pruzhanov wrapped his arm around his shoulders is AMAZING. It's roughly equivalent to the force of 1000 moms showing 1000 embarassing baby photos to 1000 bemused prom dates. Were you ever quite this awkward and lame? If the answer is "no," you're totally lying.

Check it out now on Decibel's "Deciblog" The post is entitled, On Fandom.