Hey Roadrunner faitherful. It's Amy, posting some exciting news for you. Since I handle radio promotions for ALL the metal bands on Roadrunner, I've got a scoop for you. If you're in the Los Angeles/Orange County area tomorrow evening and you have a deep-seeded love for the almighty DragonForce and can't get enough information about them, then be sure and tune into KDLD, 103.1 FM, and listen to the lovely Jackie Kajzer, host of "Chaos," the metal show, go toe to toe with Dragonforce shredder extraordinairre, Herman Li and vocalist ZP Theart. "Chaos" airs every Wednesday from 10 PM to Midnight, PST. We've got good news, if you're not located in the LA hood. You can listen to the interview online, simply by pointing your browser to www.indie1031.com. We'll leave you with this parting shot: If you don't have fun when listening to DragonForce and Inhuman Rampage, then you have no soul. For more DragonForce news visit www.dragonforce.com