DragonForce guitarist Herman Li was interviewed by the metal site NoizzEater, and talked about a variety of subjects, from the band's latest album The Power Within to his own perfectionism and more.

Li says he likes to keep DragonForce operations in-house, producing the records themselves and much more: "I am a perfectionist and pretty insane at how I like certain things done. Sometimes it's hard to find someone who would pay the same amount of time and attention to details as I would. I enjoy working on different projects and not just be a guitar player. I've learnt a lot of new skills from doing that. I really like to absorb as much knowledge as possible and don't mind being a student of anything I like."

He also explains why the band chose "Cry Thunder," a relatively slow song by their standards, as the first single: "One of the reasons we picked this one is because it sounds obviously different than our other songs. Maybe...I am sick of idiots saying this song bla bla sounds exactly the same as 'Through the Fire and Flames,' bla bla, if we picked another fast song. Ha ha! But seriously, 'Cry Thunder' really fires the crowd up with its catchy hooks and energetic feel." Watch the video above.

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DragonForce's The Power Within is available everywhere now; grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!