DragonForce guitarist Herman Li was recently interviewed by the Swedish site Metal Shrine; he talked about the band's recent South American shows with Trivium, what he likes about the band's latest album The Power Within, and more.

Says Li of the legendarily crazed South American fans, "That whole tour… it's great with so many fans, but sometimes you've got no room because when you arrive at the airport, the fans are there. Then you arrive at the hotel and the fans are there, they're everywhere. No escape, so you can't even come down for breakfast looking like shit and have a bad breath."

Regarding The Power Within, he says, "I really like the album and I listen to it myself all the time and I really like the energy of it. It's different from the previous albums in terms of the dynamics and the energy and in the way it sounds. I really like it and playing the songs is also very exciting. We've got some songs that are shorter and some songs are a bit slower and it actually adds to the dynamics of our show, because usually in the past, every song was really fast and really long. Now we have something to kinda put in there which we didn't before...It's weird for me when people make an album and don't wanna listen to it. You're supposed to like your own music."

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DragonForce's The Power Within is available everywhere now - grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!