DragonForce guitarist Herman Li was interviewed by The Gauntlet this week. He talks about the band's forthcoming album The Power Within, the process that led to new vocalist Marc Hudson joining the band, what they've got planned for their upcoming tour, and more.

Li says The Power Within is DragonForce's most diverse album to date. "Apart from the addition of Marc’s huge vocal range and dynamic tone, we also really made each song stand up on its own with each having its own theme and identity. Comparing with the previous album with which we went 100% full-on for every song, each one being very long with everything thrown into it making them even more over the top than we did on Inhuman Rampage, this time, we put a different emphasis on each track. Some songs are in more mid-tempo like 'Cry Thunder,' 'Seasons' and then of course we have the classic fast DragonForce songs like 'Holding On,' 'Heart of the Storm' and also some tracks somewhere in between...'Wings of Liberty' for example is a more of a long epic symphonic song, while 'Die By the Sword' is full-on heavy metal with less use of keyboards. This album contains lots of elements that DragonForce have never done before, like the acoustic version of 'Seasons' as well."

He reveals that Hudson went through an arduous, multi-stage process before being invited to join the group. "It all started off with Marc sending us a video of his audition singing the song 'Through the Fire and Flames.' When I first saw his video, I already watched about close to 100 audition videos that day, so I can say my ears were pretty tired! But Marc’s video had something special about it; I thought he had a great tone with lots of potential. So I played the video to Sam [Totman] and he liked it straight away. After seeing his video, I got Marc to record more videos of him singing songs, firstly 'The Last Journey Home,' which he did a great job and then 'Fury of the Storm.' Two of the most difficult DragonForce songs to sing. Marc nailed them both! Later on we met up in a pub in London to chat and have drinks, see how he is like personality wise, and if we will be able to work together."

DragonForce's initial run of North American tour dates in support of The Power Within will bring the band into theaters. Says Li, "This run won’t be a massive long one, but instead will let our diehard fans get right up and close to the stage to see and hear every note we play and feel the heat!"

DragonForce's The Power Within is available for pre-order now in our webstore; if you order now, it comes with an autographed poster!