DragonForce are in Australia to play the annual Soundwave Festival, along with a few extra shows, and MusicFeeds' Maria Nayef interviewed guitarist Herman Li and vocalist Marc Hudson about touring the country, performing on the recent 70000 Tons of Metal cruise (on which Herman jumped into a hot tub while playing "Through the Fire and Flames"), their latest album The Power Within, and more.

Says Herman about his half-submerged soloing (see video above), "I was actually a bit nervous just prior to that Jacuzzi incident happening, wondering what I would do if the guitar stopped working before the song finished. I was there for the whole second half of 'Through the Fire and Flames' and that’s a lot of solos to play in the Jacuzzi!”

Li also talks about The Power Within, specifically calling out the song "Wings of Liberty" - the longest track on the album - as a difficult piece to record. “It was one of the hardest songs on the album to get right and finish," he says. "At one point in the recording process we all got pretty frustrated and thought it wouldn’t even make the final album tracklisting! Suddenly, and somehow, it all came together and dropped into place at the end of the recording. I guess you can’t force music!”

Hudson says if asked to pick a favorite song from The Power Within, "It’s definitely Seasons. I think it’s a melodic and upbeat song but with some subtle, sad undertones, and I think the fans can relate to it. From the DragonForce catalogue I enjoy singing 'Last Journey Home' from Ultra Beatdown because I think it is perfect for my voice.”