Dream Theater Charity Auction Series to benefit Camp Good Days presents its next auction item... and it's a BIGGIE!!!!


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This is the actual kit that Mike Portnoy played (and destroyed) at his AMAZING JOURNEY tribute to The Who in Whittier, California on May 27th 2006. Although Mike Portnoy did his best Keith Moon impression in demolishing the kit at the end of the set, rest assured that it can still be setup and played (but the couple of nicks and scratches make it that much more special....there still even may be a little bit of blood on it from Gary Cherone's head as well!) This auction couldn't have been made possible without the donation and cooperation of our generous friends at Tama Drums and Sabian Cymbals.
We'd also like to thank Victor Salazar at the Drum Pad in Palantine, Illinois for parting with the bass drum heads!

This kit includes the following pieces:

1. Tama Rockstar Drums in Piano Black finish:
16x22 Bass Drums
8x14 Tom Toms
16x16 Floor Toms

2. Sabian Vault cymbals:
18" crash cymbals
20" crash

3. straight Tama cymbal stands

4. the original "Amazing Journey" custom front heads for the bass drums

5. An autographed photo of Mike Portnoy playing this kit