“Of the 10 videos we've done through the years, I felt we have never been truly captured ‘in our element' ...which of course is on tour, playing to our fans, with our lighting and video show. So I thought it was time to do a video that showed us in our ‘real world’ (unlike the ‘fake worlds’ that are usually created when shooting a promo video),” says Mike Portnoy of DREAM THEATER about the band’s documentary road video for the new single “Wither” from their 10th studio release Black Clouds & Silver Linings.

Directed by Ramon Boutviseth, who did the same honors for the first clip for the album’s first single  “A Rite Of Passage,” the “Wither” video was shot on location in the U.K. (London, Manchester), France (Paris, Lille) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands) as part of Dream Theater’s September/October 2009 headlining “Progressive Nation” tour that reached 15 countries.

In a recent interview, Mike Portnoy gives more insight to the idea behind the video:

How do you feel the song's somber emotional theme works in the context of a documentary tour video?
“I think this video captures the reality of what it's really like for us on the road. Sure, the two hours on stage are amazing and ultimately why we do this... but the reality is, there are another 22 hours throughout the day which consists of a lot of traveling, interviews, meet & greets and sometimes a tremendous amount of sitting around and waiting... which sometimes can be very lonely.”
What are your thoughts about how the video turned out and how it represents the recent European tour?
“I love the final outcome of this video... it really captured the day-to-day and hour-to-hour activities that surround a day on the road with Dream Theater... not only for us, but our crew and our fans as well.”
Can you talk about the experience of performing overseas and connecting with your fans there?
“Touring in Europe and the UK are always some of our best shows and are always among the highlights throughout a World Tour for us... the ‘Wither’ shoot alone captured three amazing audiences and venues for us: The Zenith in Paris, The Ahoy in Rotterdam and Wembley Arena in London... all three of these cities, venues and fans are always favorites of ours!”