Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie discussed the auditioning process for the band's new drummer with Metal Messiah Radio just last month, saying, "...It's a big move for us; it's unprecedented within the band. This is our first time coming up against finding a drummer for Dream Theater. We do have everything in place. We don't have a drummer yet, but we have auditions for drummers all set up, and it's all ready to go... We already have seven guys lined up that are gonna come into the studio and they are going to play through some songs and so on and so forth.”

As for what the band is hoping to find in the hand-selected candidates, LaBrie explains:

“We are looking for the right chemistry, the right vibe, the right attitude, the right personality, the right look — somebody that we feel really will embellish upon what Dream Theater has stood for and what we plan on standing for in the future. So it's pretty exciting. We have everything in line, we have everything set up, so it's just a matter, within a couple of weeks, to start the auditions and then to eventually make the announcement who the new drummer is.”

And while he can't reveal the identity of those called upon to try out, LaBrie hints that the lucky seven are “all world-class drummers.” To learn more, see the full report as posted on Gibson.com.

Watch this space for more information as the band continues on their search to replace ex-drummer Mike Portnoy, who announced his departure from the band after 25 years of service this past September.