In an exclusive interview with, Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci talks about why the group chose to re-sign with Roadrunner; sharing a label with Rush; the preparations for their next studio album, due in 2013; and much more.

Says Petrucci about what being on Roadrunner has meant for the band, "Black Clouds [and Silver Linings] and A Dramatic Turn of Events were both top ten Billboard-charting albums for the first time in our career. The last album got us the first Grammy nomination in our career. So over the last three albums, we have grown as a band all over the world, so that confirms that that growth period happened during the time we’ve been on Roadrunner. It’s been a great move to sign with them, and it’s equally as great to continue."

He also talks about how happy he is to be on the same label as Rush, saying, "We’re huge Rush fans, and we operate by WWRD, What Would Rush Do, in terms of career choices, from having Hugh Syme do our artwork to always trying to get our shows to come as close to a great Rush show as possible. So the fact that they signed to Roadrunner meant a lot to us. We’re happy for Roadrunner, and it was a great move, and it’s huge. It puts us into great company with our contemporaries, and gives the label a lock on the progressive scene."

He discusses what drummer Mike Mangini's role will be in the making of the next studio album, too, saying, "For the last album, he wasn’t involved in the writing. We wrote it without him for 2 1/2 months, and he came in and tracked. This time, he’s going to be in from day one, so we’ll write together as a full group. The tapes that we have from doing that a bit on the road have been incredible. At soundcheck, if I’d come in with an idea and we’d start jamming on it, he was really quick and had great creative concepts. I think it’s going to be a very cool experience."

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