Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci was interviewed by Prog-Sphere's Nicola Savić in Europe. He talks about the band's new video for "The Looking Glass" (watch it above), the staging of the band's Along for the Ride tour, playing songs for the first time on this tour, and more.

Regarding the video, Petrucci says, "That was our director Ramon’s vision for that video. We really primarily wanted to do a performance video. 'The Enemy Inside' video, its whole concept doesn’t show the band at all. So, with this one we wanted really just to show the band playing and performing and just have a little bit of a conceptual step. So, it’s his interpretation of having a woman looking into the glass and holding it, which is just a way of tying in the title and the themes very loosely. It doesn’t really cover so much in a lyrical meaning, it gives a little bit of a conceptual footage to make sense of all of our performance. But again, primarily it’s a performance video, you know, you can see us playing, see the parts, see the interaction of the band."

The band's set list for this tour is put together with great care, and will be the same from Europe to North America; Petrucci explains, "Everything has a meaning and a purpose, all of the songs that we chose, all of the visuals and everything. So, it’s more like a storyline that goes through the show. In order to deliver in a most professional, exciting and consistent way it was important for us to keep the same set, so it’s gonna be the same and I’m actually really excited to bring it in North America, because we’ve got incredible reactions to it here in Europe. It’s a very unique set, it’s a lot of music, it’s an evening’s worth, there’s three hours and it’s really intense. I can’t wait to bring this to North America—US, Canada, Mexico. It’s gonna be great."

While they're playing a lot of new material on tour, Dream Theater are also playing some old songs for the first time ever; says Petrucci, "You know, I think that this set is something that satisfies a lot of our fans that have been with us for a long time because, as you said, we are playing songs that we never played live before, which is a request we get very often. It’s also a lot of music which is something that people really want to see from us as well and we play tribute to albums that were released 20 years ago or 15 years ago, so people are really big fans, maybe that’s the first album they heard, to come to the show and hear a group of songs from albums like that. I think, it really, really satisfies the audience and it does leave them that connection for sure. That’s why we called it Along for the Ride, it’s a mutual experience, it’s something that we wouldn’t be able to do without them and the music is meant to be shared and that’s kind of the whole idea with this thing, so yeah, I think it does connect, for sure."

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