Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess recently traveled to India to join the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music in Chennai as a guest faculty member. Prasanna, the head of SAM, said, "Jordan and I are friends and he was quite excited when I first told him about SAM a couple of years back just before the college started. A few months back we met a couple of times and he was quite amazed at what SAM stands for and what it has accomplished in its very short history and he connected with the concept instantly. We were both thrilled about getting him to SAM. I must say that a lot of people in India still don’t recognize how incredible a college SAM is. But that will change soon and when people like Jordan come here to teach, it hits the point harder!"

In the video above, you can see Jordan talking to a group of student musicians, and there's footage below of them working on an arrangement of the DT song "Breaking All Illusions," with him guiding them.