Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess recently spoke to Loudwire.com about what's going on with the band. Excerpts from the interview are below:

Regarding the recording process, he says, "We’re kind of in the homestretch of the whole thing. I was just finishing some keyboard tracks and we have some more things to do, but we’re definitely looking at the finish line at this point." He specifically calls out drummer Mike Mangini's contributions, saying, "Anyone who’s heard this album or stopped by the studio, you’ve just got to smile at the drumming, it’s so outrageous. He does some fills that are like, ‘Oh my God!’ I can’t help but almost like laugh."

He praises all his bandmates, though, saying, "I feel so lucky to work with all these people. They all have really good taste and they’re completely professional. I know that it’s the kind of thing where you can be assured that if you’re not involved every step of the way, whoever takes over will do a fine job. So it’s really a comfortable situation to know that everyone is really up on their game...Sometimes when you hear bands that have been around for awhile, it’s like, ‘Oh, you know, their stuff years ago was really more on top of it’ or whatever. But I feel with Dream Theater everyone is still so energized and excited about what we do. We all still practice hard and nobody’s lost their spirit or energy. We just really keep the wheels firmly in motion."

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