Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess was interviewed by Bravewords.com, and has a lot to say about the group's current Along For The Ride Tour, which is a three-hour "An Evening With..." extravaganza featuring music from the full span of the group's career, including songs from their brand-new self-titled album as well as older material they've never performed live before.

Says Rudess, "We went into this with the idea that we would try to up our game a little bit and put even more into the show. Not only the amount of time that we played, but the whole experience. We wanted to create a show where, from the time people walk in the door to the time they leave, they're part of our world."

He also discusses the vibe between bandmembers, saying, "We're in a very happy place. Mike Mangini is not only a fantastic out-of-the-box drum god, he's a fun and crazy character and that makes us happy. It couldn't be any better. We play on stage with the guy and he's doing these amazing things that make you smile. Mangini is very into engaging other people, you've got [bassist] John Myung back there vibing with him...There's a camaraderie and open-ness being able to work together and enjoy together."

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The North American leg of Dream Theater's tour begins March 20—find a show near you!