MorphWiz --the synth app by Jordan Rudess, keyboardist/Continuum-player/multi-instrumentalist for prog rock/metal icons Dream Theater, with chief programmer Kevin Chartier--has won first place in the category of “Best Music Creation App" in the Billboard Music App Awards, announced yesterday.

Upon hearing that MorphWiz received this honor, Rudess said, “Receiving the Billboard Music Creation App award is incredibly rewarding. It’s a direct message from the industry supporting my passion for the entire iPhone and iPad music app movement. Having MorphWiz receive industry acclaim is a strong statement and empowers me to continue my work, not only on my own music apps but with the creative app community in general.”  Rudess elaborates: “I'm finding out from people that what is important to them about MorphWiz is the fact that in addition to being a deep audio-visual music making experience with so many possibilities,  it is also an experience that is really fun  for anybody interested in playing with sound and visuals. My customers range from toddlers just putting their hands on the surface and hearing and seeing cool things, to the professional musician, who realizes that MorphWiz offers a next generation type musical control for their music making.”

MorphWiz is partly inspired by the highly successful Haken Continuum Fingerboard, a radically innovative and revolutionary MIDI instrument that Jordan uses on stage and in the studio with Dream Theater. Like the Continuum, Jordan Rudess' MorphWiz is a vertical grid-based musical instrument that allows a whole new level of expressive control. Within days of its initial release on the iPad, MorphWiz reached #1 in the United States iPad music section of Apple's App store.  

“While music apps out there try to mimic existing instruments, we designed MorphWiz from the start to harness modern mobile device technology to create a new musical instrument that is fresh, exciting, and remarkably expressive,” explain  Rudess and Chartier. “It's rewarding for us to be able to offer MorphWiz to iOS products across the board! Whether you are on an Ipod 2nd generation, Iphone 3G, or an Ipad, you can still enjoy MorphWiz and get a fantastic musical experience!"

The pair also recently released their newest app this fall, SketchWiz, which turns your camera into your personal sketch artist (basically any iOS device that has a camera can use it). You can view your world as pencil, pen, chalk, or charcoal sketches, and you can save your masterpieces to your photo library. As Rudess and Chartier say,“Well, Michelangelo spent most of the 16th century creating his masterpieces. You can create yours in a tap.”