Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci was interviewed by Music Shots Live when the band was on its recent South American tour. Consequently, the questions, which appear as text on the screen in the above video, are in Spanish, so we've translated them for you below (and we only had to resort to Google Translate once!). Follow along as you listen...maybe you'll even learn something!

- How was the experience of visiting and meeting new audiences in countries like Guatemala and El Salvador?

- The band has planned the recording of a live DVD in Argentina. (Read more about those shows here.) What are your expectations are, and why did you choose this country?

- Do you plan to record videos of other countries for inclusion in the DVD?

- Does the band plan to return to making concept albums, like Metropolis II?

- Besides working with Dream Theater, what other projects do you have for this year?

- Will the G3 tour visit Colombia?

- In the making of the album A Dramatic Turn of Events, what changed in the process of creation and recording, without Mike Portnoy in the studio?

- How has the public reception of Mike Mangini been on the world tour?

- What surprises await those attending the show in Colombia?

- What is your opinion on the declining music market as you look into the future?

Dream Theater's A Dramatic Turn of Events is available everywhere now; grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!