Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie was a guest on Full Metal Jackie's radio show this weekend, discussing the process of making their new album A Dramatic Turn of Events (in stores tomorrow!), the recruiting of new drummer Mike Mangini, and much more. The full transcript was posted on Loudwire.com.

Says LaBrie about Mangini, "he came there with so much enthusiasm and he made it quite clear, quite apparent to us that, 'I’m coming after this gig and I’m putting my all into it and I’m very focused. I’m very prepared and I’m going to make it undeniably obvious to you that I want this gig more than anyone and I deserve it more than anyone.'...We were all joking after the audition saying we could have played a gig [that night]. We literally could’ve walked on stage and played a gig, that’s how tight and in control he was, with playing through the songs."

Regarding the songwriting and recording process, LaBrie said, "Once we were sure that we had a song idea down and a song beginning to end, what would happen in the studio is that John Petrucci would do the drum programs...and then we would send that song to, completed with drums on there, via synthetic drummer, we would send to Mike Mangini and then he would take it from there. He would craft it into what he felt was necessary in the way that the drums would unfold on each and every song and that’s how the whole process is done. By the time that Mike Mangini came into the studio to do his tracks he was very sure of where he wanted to go; that being said, too, him and John Petrucci were bouncing ideas throughout each and every song, trying new things or trying something that might even make it much more strong or powerful."

Read the full interview at Loudwire.com.

Dream Theater's A Dramatic Turn of Events will be in stores tomorrow, and the band will be conducting an in-store signing session for fans at New York's Guitar Center on Friday, September 16. Soon after that, they'll be launching their North American tour with support from Trivium; visit our tour page to find a show near you!