Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie was recently interviewed by Hard News Cafe, prior to the band's performance in Salt Lake City. In the feature, he talks about how new drummer Mike Mangini is performing on the band's current tour, what the most difficult Dream Theater song is for him to perform, and much more.

Says LaBrie of Mangini, "He’s infectious. First and foremost, he’s a phenomenal drummer. Secondly, he’s somebody that exudes such a great and positive energy. He draws you into his vibe, and he has such a great aura and is very charismatic on stage...I think the beautiful thing about Mike is that he’s been doing this just as long as any one of us has been doing it. He knows what to do, he knows how to prepare, and he knows it’s not just about playing, it’s putting on a good show."

Regarding favorite songs, he says, "It depends on where you’re at. It depends on your mental state and on your physical state. That’s what puts up the challenge as to how you feel or how you connect to any one given tune. That changes, and is never a constant. I never look at a song like 'Learning to Live' and go, 'OMG, I’ve got to sing that tonight.' Sometimes yes, depending on if I’m not feeling well or am tired. It can even be a very mellow tune that tends to not connect with me, just depending on where I happen to be. I think that question would always change."

Read the whole interview at this link.

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