Music Radar recently called on fans everywhere to choose the 25 Greatest Bassists of All Time in a public poll, and after tens of thousands of votes, the results are in:

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray landed the number 3 spot on the list above Metallica's founding bassist Cliff Burton, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea and many other notable members of the rhythm section. But it's Dream Theater's John Myung who claimed the number 1 spot above Gray and Rush's Geddy Lee.

Writes Music Radar, "With a massive 42 percent of your votes, nearly 11,000 people have handed the accolade of 'greatest bassist of all time' to Dream Theater's John Myung. A founding member of the progressive metal superstars, Myung's talent is beyond question." 

Join us in congratulating Myung and remembering Paul Gray, and go right here to see the full list.