Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci recently sat for an exclusive interview with MusicRadar.com, analyzing the band's new album A Dramatic Turn of Events track by track and telling the stories behind the writing of each song.

Of the first single, "On the Backs of Angels," he says, "I came up with the intro guitar riff while I was playing an acoustic at home by the fire. I was thinking, How should this record begin? What should be the first thing that people hear? The idea that came to me was a little bit Pink Floyd – moody, foreboding, this drifting arpeggiated guitar pattern.

“We were very conscious when writing the song that it should reflect the signature sound of the band. We wanted it to have all of the elements of Dream Theater. It would be progressive, it would be metal, and it would be melodic. There would be some big shred moments mixed with very dramatic breakdowns. It’s got everything that we love to do as a band."

About the song "Lost Not Forgotten," he says, “The mood of the song always reminded me of an old-time epic film like Ben-Hur. So I wrote lyrics that are somewhat historical about this ancient Persian elite fighting force that kind of died out. Again, a good example of my love for storytelling and linking music to words.”

Read the whole thing here.

A Dramatic Turn of Events will be in stores September 13, but you can pre-order the digital version from iTunes right now.