In an interview with Utah's Daily Herald, Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci has gone into detail about the inspirations behind the songs on the band's latest album, A Dramatic Turn of Events, as well as the record's title.

"People look at the title and they say, 'Oh, well, obviously it's about Mike [Portnoy]'s departure and the changes.' It's really not. First of all we didn't write any of the songs lyrically about our situation at all, and that was a conscious effort. It's not the place to do that. We didn't think that would be, we didn't want to do that. We didn't want to write about our own band woes or politics or whatever."

Petrucci explains that the dramatic events he had in mind were somewhat larger-scale than mere intra-band issues. "There's this song 'Outcry,' it's exactly about what's happening now in Libya. There's a tie-in with Egypt and with people uprising. There are songs about that spiritual sense where somebody is really trying to make some kind of change in their life. They seek out a shaman to try to do that in a more spiritual way. There are songs about people, situations in history, major historical events that happened that maybe we forgot about, but that really changed life for many, many people. So we're talking major events, major dramatic turns of events."

There's much, much more, so read the whole interview at this link.

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