In a new interview for Noisecreep, Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess has named five albums that changed his life. Among the descriptions of his five choices (which we're not going to reveal here):

"The combination of the energy, the harmonies and intricate chord changes, opened up my mind to the possibilities of what I could do with a keyboard."

"It literally sounded like his guitar was talking. I still haven't heard anyone make a wah-wah pedal sound like that."

"I used to follow the band around whenever they played anywhere near me. They all played multiple instruments and put on a great show."

"[A] lot of Dream Theater fans might think I would be more into something more technical and with more chops, but I'm also really attracted to gentle music too."

"They are a band filled with really amazing players. The way their parts intertwined with other each other was so...The word 'glorious' comes to mind when I think about that album."

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