Dream Theater keyboardist extraordinaire Jordan Rudess will present his first live orchestral composition "Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra" November 19th at Centro Cultural Corp Banca in Caracas, Venezuela. The first show is sold out and a second concert on the same night at 10:30 PM has been added with tickets on sale now.

Rudess and the orchestra will also perform music from Dream Theater’s repertoire including "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.” Says Rudess: “In writing this composition, I was able to bring together the elements of the most influential classical music I've experienced, along with the rock power and intensity that I am known for in my work with Dream Theater.”

Joining Rudess on stage will be phenomenal young talent from Turkey named Eren Basbug. Rudess was first introduced to Basbug by watching videos of him performing orchestrations of numerous Dream Theater songs on YouTube. He was so impressed by his talent and energy that he contacted Basbug to see if he wanted to be involved with "Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra.” At the world premiere on November 19, Rudess will be playing all of the keyboard/synthesizer parts, while Basbug will conduct the Chacao Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Rudess says, "I personally invite all of my fans in Venezuela to come to this concert and experience Dream Theater's music in a symphonic setting. Imagine the power of Dream Theater's music realized by full string, wind, brass and percussion sections Dream Theater's fans in Venezuela are some of the most passionate fans we have and their classical orchestras are renowned throughout the world. That's why I've chosen Venezuela to premiere my first symphonic work."

Rudess was inspired to start writing "Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra" when he had the opportunity to watch Pierre Boulez conduct Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" while studying at the renowned Juilliard School of Music. Rudess describes his newest composition as a "progressive" music experience: “progressive in that it is a forward-thinking composition fusing my classical and progressive/metal sensibilities, but also progressive in that I will be playing a keyboard connected to an Apple Macbook Pro running Mainstage software.”

Rudess adds that “the passion in the composition combined with the power of the full orchestral sound made a huge impact on me. I've sat in front of my synthesizers for years, twisting the knobs, trying to recreate that power. With ‘Explorations,’ I will finally be able to hear one of my own compositions brought to life by that unmistakable sound of a live acoustic orchestra.”

"Creating this is a DREAM come true for me,” enthuses Rudess "and thankfully with the help of 'Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil de Chacao' and its management, we will have a THEATER for the dream to turn into reality!"