As the gaming and music worlds alike eagerly await the March 2nd release of the digital-only God of War: Blood and Metal EP, Decibel has given Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy the reigns to their blog to discuss the conception of their anandrome-titled track "Raw Dog." (hint: read it backwards!)

Writes Portnoy, "It’s pretty amazing that in our 25-year career, this was the first time we were asked to contribute a song to a soundtrack! Film directors and TV producers take note!

In any case, when we were asked to contribute a song to Roadrunner's God of War 3 soundtrack, the initial reactions of “But we don't have any leftovers from the last album” or “But we are in the middle of a tour” quickly turned to “Hey, this could be cool” and “Hmmm. Why the hell not?”"

Of the inspiration for the song, Portnoy continues, "I brought in CDs of some unused riffs we wrote during the “Black Clouds & Silver Linings” sessions at the end of 2008 to give us some direction and a bit of a starting point. We ended up using a total of four leftover riffs, which became the setup to the solo section and then the three riffs underneath the solos, but that was enough to inspire us and get the creative juices flowing for a slew of new ideas.

The next thing we knew, by halfway through Wednesday, the song was written and we had this insane instrumental finished that reminded me of Meshuggah meets LTE!"

Read what else Portnoy had to say about the making of "Raw Dog" right here.

Can't wait to hear it? Then pre-order your copy of the EP on iTunes NOW and look out for the God of War 3 game to be released on March 16th.