Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy is a man of much ink, and in this feature, he goes through his many tattoos with heavy-metal.de. 

The follow-up to his 2008 interview with the German metal publication, where Mike explained his first ever tattoo (the Dream Theater majesty symbol in 1988!), why he inked the words "Carpe Diem" into his body and much more, here in part two, we take a look at Portnoy's dog portraits as done by Kat Von D., his killer snake done by Chris Garver, his Tama drums as envisioned by Corey Miller and much more.

For Portnoy, the art of getting tattoos takes on a personal meaning, where, for the most part he's paying homage to his "musical influences and family." Says Portnoy, "You know, when I first started getting tattooed, like the first 10 or 12 had to be a very specific thing that symbolized a specific thing, but as time goes on, the more you get, it´s more about art. Something that´s going to look cool, well done..."

Take a look at some of Portnoy's body art and explanations for each below, and go right here to read/ see the whole feature.

"This was done by Kat von D from L.A. ink and Kat is one of the greatest portrait artists. And I knew, I wanted to get a portrait of my two dogs and I knew that the only person in the world I wanted that to do, was Kat. I hooked up with her a couple of years ago...and she did these...and actually she has a new book coming out and she´s featuring this in the book.
 ...This is Bongo (the white one on the top) and Maggie and Bongo passed away a few months ago, which was devastating to me. You know, my dogs are...family members. They are like children to me. And Bongo for over 13 years was one of my closest companions in the world, so I knew, I wanted to have a portrait of her... to be with me forever. Even when she´s have passed away. So I did this before she passed away. And Maggie is still with us, but anyway. This is one of my favorite tattoos of all actually."

"This here on my left forearm was done by Corey Miller and he actually even signed it. He´s also on L.A. ink and he´s one of the masters of black and grey. Basically this is part of an upcoming ad campaign for Tama and I had mentioned to them at one point, that I´d be willing to get the Tama logo tattooed on me...that´s how dedicated I am to Tama drums. I always didn´t like drummers that jump from company to company...I feel a real loyalty to the companies I endorse. And I told them I´d be willing to even get the Tama logo on me and they thought it would be a great thing for a campaign. Maybe they´d get a bunch of Tama artists, that get the Tama logo. So actually we went...we had Corey Miller do this and Tama filmed the entire thing for an upcoming ad. I just couldn´t get the Tama logo and not get the Sabian logo...so I included that in there as well. I´m just as dedicated to them as well. And Corey is a drummer himself. He´s done some things for Remo heads designing stuff and he´s a drummer himself, so I thought he´d be the perfect guy to do this."

"That´s my deathbat. I got it at the end of the making of the new Avenged Sevenfold album. I had such an amazing experience with those guys in the studio making the new album. It was a very, very emotional situation in the studio, ´cause they were dealing with moving on after the loss of The Rev, who died in December, so it was a very, very heavy and emotional session. Definitively the most emotional session, I´ve been part of throughout my whole career. You know and after spending all that time making the record, I knew, I wanted to get something to symbolize the bond, that we created and the brotherhood that these guys have. So I got this at the end of the session and Zacky Vengeance, the guitar player ...he got a matching one as well."