We asked a bunch of our artists to fill out a brief survey telling us the highlights (and lowlights) of their year. Here's what Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess had to say:

Best show you played: Costa Rica on our last South American tour! It was so exciting and the fans were amazing!

Best show you saw: Sigur Ros in Battery Park.

Favorite thing you ate/drank: The sushi at Nobu when we were touring in Dallas, Texas.

Favorite song of 2012: Rush, "Headlong Flight."

Most interesting interview question you were asked this year: After an entire interview was over and quite "standard," a South American interviewer asked me, "Why did you use your wizardly powers to come to Earth?"

Place you visited for the first time: Jakarta, Indonesia.

Biggest celebrity you met: Sting.

Moment you wish you could "do over": The rush of playing our show in Buenos Aires and the feeling when the fans were going nuts and rushing the stage while we were playing "Pull Me Under."

Personal highlight of the year: Playing MorphWiz on a 27" Multitouch screen!