Plenty of Dry Kill Logic updates. Read on... Game Today (10/15) Dry Kill Logic is flying out to LA. - Purpose of the trip? They will be recording their version of the American baseball anthem "Take Me Out To The Ballgame". - Porquoi? Currently scheduled for an early 2002 release, Midway games is coming out with an extreme baseball game called MLB SlugFest, and DKL's heavy metal version of that song is to be included. - Extreme Baseball? Not exactly sure either, but you can probably guess as good as us. We've heard some things such as being able to rush the mound and what not...but again, use your imagination. Surely it'll be pretty hardcore (the music and the game), and available for next year's baseball season. Sampler In the works right now is a new Dry Kill Logic sampler for metal radio. Well, we use the term 'sampler' loosely - The Production Gospel According To Dave refers to it as a "Metal Radio EP", the production dept here refers to it as a "CD Pro", and you'll hear others refer to it simply as an "EP". Which is right? Ah, for simplicity purposes we'll just use the word "sampler" (though that might just be the most wrongest term to use). This so called "sampler" will contain four tracks: 1. "Rot" - this is the featured track on the piece. AND, if you note, the reason "Rot" is the main track is because of you. Seriously. The marketing powers that be have chosen to promote "Rot" because of the previous DKL POLL we had here on the site. No shit! Anyway, this is the same version of "Rot" as found on The Darker Side Of Nonsense ceptin for the fact it contains a different vocal edit. 2. "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" - a cover song from the band Prong. DKL recorded this cover previously last month down in Tennessee y'all. 3. "A Better Man Than Me" - The Production Gospel According To Dave calls this a "heavy remix" of the version that originally appeared on The Darker Side Of Nonsense. 4. "SAB" - have you ever noticed the hidden track at the very end of The Darker Side Of Nonsense? Well, apparently it has a name, and that name is "SAB". Word is this will be the same version that originally appeared on the release. This 'sampler' should be ready come early November. We'll do our best to shake down our radio department to get few for our FREE SHIT section. Sampler - Pt II On November 13th, Concrete Marketing will be giving out a free sampler to the 1st 150,000 cats who purchase the new Rob Zombie release The Sinister Urge. Now THIS is a true sampler, as it contains tracks from various bands. Endorsement Following the path of many members of many Roadrunner acts before (such as Machine Head, Chimaira, Ill Nino, Soulfly, Glassjaw, Sepultura, Obituary), DKL bassist Dave Kowatch is now in the ESP Guitar family. More to come on that shortly... Dry Kill Logic on the road with Kittie and Ill Nino starting October 21st. See TOUR section for full details The Darker Side Of Nonsense in stores now