DRY KILL LOGIC are out on the road fighting the good fight in the name of Rock! While they have been away the word is getting out on their upcoming debut 'The Darker Side Of Nonsense' (stamp the 6/19 release date on your forehead). While the big mags are getting in on the action we really like to see the metal/hard rock community embrace the band. Check out some early reviews: Review by Undevoured.com Dry Kill Logic sounds like the perfect modern cross between their cited influences: Sepultura, Pantera, and Tool. The music is extremely aggressive and technical. Dry Kill Logic could, no doubt, stir up a crowd to the point of killing each other. The album RULES-- it's 100% emotion and anger, expressed through lyrics and music that is hate-driven and insane. The album shows some Slipknot similarities as well as it plays -- except DKL has a kind of maturity that Slipknot does not quite possess-- I am most intrigued by Dry Kill Logic's vocalist, who, to say the least, is fucking AMAZING. CHECK THIS ALBUM OUT-- you'll be hearing about this band again soon. Review by Megakungfu.com Any band that puts a portrait of Megakungfu's very own Nick and Sparky on their cover has got to get a good review. But fear not, the cover is not the only good thing about Dry Kill Logic. They are in essence everything that is good about old KORN, with the energy of Slipknot. "Nightmare" sees a fury of string action from Thompson. Cliff Ragano trades off grunting and singing with the passion of a axe murderer doing his thing. "You worthless piece of shit" is chanted over and over until you find yourself chatting along, and wondering who could really be that much of a shit stain. With "Pain" you are taken back to the classic KORN days. Down tuned guitars dominate, while vocals that have a Slipknot feel (till the chorus) see's Cliff singing without the grunt. Then your like fuck yeah! From there the destruction grinds through the body of the track, while the chorus unloads with an almost soothing sound. But the angst always dominates like the dominatrix on a middle aged, sports car driver. Just fucking ugly! With "Assfault" there is a huge sound that blows all the windows out of your crib. Slamming and angry Cliff takes you through a series of tangents, and some of the best drumming I have heard for awhile. The chorus takes on the chanting structure yet again, and the constant abuse is sure to inspire pit movement EVERYWHHHHHEEERRRRE! Brutal. This is only a small peak into the slicing and dicing world of Dry Kill Logic. Touching upon what I said earlier, it is old KORN, meets Slipknot, with the occasional melodic parts thrown in. It may not be overly innovative, it does capture a sound that will stimulate your nerve to pummel. Derek's scale of 1 to 10: 8.5, musically nasty, and Cliff nails it where Jonathan Davis missed the boat. Suggested Tracks: I cannot hear one track that sucks, that would be a good thing!