As this is being written (08/30 at 3:30pm), Chad and Ryan P of Nickelback are heading up to the K ROCK (93.2 fm) studios here in NYC for an interview and live performance on the air. Hey, if you have the ability, tune in now. After their date with K ROCK, Chad & Ryan P will be heading out to the airport to catch a flight to St Paul, to meet up with the rest of the band and crew, to resume touring. (Last night Mike, Ryan V, and the boys started the trek to St Paul from NYC in the tour bus) See TOUR section for full details. Until you get your chance to see them amongst their travels on the road, check out this ECARD done for the band. If you have yet to hear their single that is flooding the airwaves, this is your chance. Check it out... by the way, we must mention again how cool it was for the boys from Nickelback to do an impromptu acoustic session for us here in the office yesterday...there is something special going on... Silver Side Up in stores September 11th