Roadrunner Records, premiere A&R demo submission and music discovery portal, SignMeTo Roadrunner Records, released their first ever Best of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Sampler featuring 14 unsigned artists. The artists on the sampler range from metal to rock to truly unique. Every week we will feature two artists who appear on the sampler. Today we feature the unclassifiable artist eEnik.

The quintet from Los Angeles, California have managed to mix multiple genres, including progressive, rock, metal, groovelust and more into their own unique sound. The band draws its influence from a broad spectrum of artists, often taking a ‘visual’ or cinematic approach to composition. Their debut album Oddomatic featured flavors of Rush, Incubus, Primus and more. Check out their track "Passive Attack" which you can download for FREE at SignMeTo Roadrunner Records!  As an added bonus, you can check out the video for their track "Just For Men."

Check out the other artists who are included on the Best of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Sampler.

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