Gear talk + Women = You drink alone.

"There have been quite a few comments posted on various websites and message boards concerning Daath's gear and tuning. Hopefully, this blog will inform without scaring away every female in the general vicinity.

This is Brian. He co-owns and runs Elite Music Sales in Montgomery, Alabama. He's pretty much my go-to guy for everything guitar. Not only is he an incredible guitar tech, he's also an amazing player as well as an asshole that makes me laugh a lot.

I generally stop in atleast once between tours. This visit I'm having my 1980 West Street LTD setup, and changing the pickups in my Silverburst Standard.

Not too long ago Winn Krozack and Grover Duvall at PRS guitars dropped this beast on me. At the time I had the idea of doing something different with Daath other than my spruce hollowbody. I wanted something that was equally as organic, but a solid body. I enjoy hearing very non-metal solo tone over an obviously gated/overdriven rhythm. I didnt know exactly what to expect with the West Steet LTD, and the end result was the majority of the solos on The Concealers.

I like to call this finish "Ghetto Sparkles," because I live in a fucking trash can.

The Standard before the pickup change. Yes, that really is Ranch Dressing..

Eyal and I both play 10-46 gauge strings tuned C G C F A D (Drop C). A lot of people get a little caught off guard when I tell them the gauge of strings we play. Just like any other tuning, a guitar is going to respond best by being played with a proper setup. Instead of using extremely thick strings or a hybrid set to compensate for the tone of looseness, I have Brian pay close attention to string height and neck adjustment. It's a balancing act, if you will. My necks are slightly straighter than usual, and in my opinion, low string action is a bigger tone killer than smaller string gauge.

It's safe for me to say that the SC 245 Bass is one of the best neck pickups I've heard in years.

Here I am trying out a couple of different models.

That sums it up. The standard sounds great. Inquiring about pickups is almost like watching the food network and having some crazy-ass like Rachel Ray explain to you how something tastes. Like taste, it's kind of hard to explain sound. In my limited experience it's usually good or bad. The only problem is that I won't settle for anything in between. Fortunately for me, I get great help with the quest for tone from all of the wonderful people at Paul Reed Smith Guitars.

You can hear these guitars and how they sound on our soon to be released The Concealers.