Early last week we broke the news of Chimaira guitarist and co-founder Jason Hager's departure from the band. So, in the words of Jason himself, "Matt DeVries, who is like a brother to me, will be taking my place in Chimaira." The following is a letter to you from Matt DeVries. Please join us in welcoming him into the Chimaira family: I'm honored to introduce myself as the new guitarist for Chimaira. My name is Matt DeVries, I'm 24, I've been playing guitar for 11 years, and like Chimaira, I'm from Cleveland, OH. I'd like to thank Jason Hager for giving me this opportunity to be in such a talented band. Jason is one of my closest friends and we have been in bands together for years. We started a band called Falling In Line in '93 that later became Ascension which in turn had a big impact on the Cleveland Hardcore scene. A band which produced two albums, was on many compilations, and played shows throughout Cleveland and down the East Coast. After disbanding a couple years ago, I was asked to play with hardcore heroes, Ringworm. Being a fan of them since I was 14, I couldn't say no. We toured extensively, had many great shows, and laid the grounds for the new and upcoming Victory Records release due out this fall. While I was with Ringworm I even took some time off to guitar tech for Chimaira's first tour with Spineshank. I've been with Ringworm until recently when I was asked to join Chimaira. I am also very excited to be on the label that has put out some of my favorite bands such as Spineshank, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Carnivore, Slipknot, etc. (just to name a few) I am looking forward to playing in one of my favorite bands as well.....Chimaira. Thanks goes out to Mark, Rob, Andols, Jim, Chris, and once again Jason. See you on the road, Matt