So, what do you know about metal? Kerrang! magazine, ever stingy with their 5K reviews, honored Killswitch Engage with just that...saying "Most striking of all is the fact that Killswitch Engage, a comparatively young band, seem to have inwardly digested the last 20 years of heavy music and are gleefully spewing it out in 57 widescreen, technicolour varieties." Ahhhh, no they didn't...Oh, yes they did... Alive Or Just Breathing, which hit stores today (05/21), is already #1 on two out of the four metal charts. And on the fourth, they are #2. (more to come on that tomorrow in our interview with the Queen Of Metal) Metal lives. Also debuting today is the new Killswitch Engage website. Make sure to check out its NEWS section for a link to their video for "My Last Serenade". In closing, we'd like to take one last quote from their 5K Kerrang! magazine review. And it goes like this: "This is a flawless, 21st century metal album that every self-respecting moshpit-monkey should be extremely excited about." Metal lives, indeed.