What have the past couple days been like for Ill Nino? We'll tell ya... On Saturday (11/24), they played their last date on the Oracle Tour with Kittie and Dry Kill Logic - a sold out show at the legendary Harpo's in Detroit, MI. Yesterday (11/25) consisted of driving from Detroit straight to Newark airport, which coincidentally conveniently located in the lovely city of Newark in New Jersey. Though the previous week was full of its own surprises with getting passports in order for the trip (6 band members and a couple crew members to boot), the band arrived at the airport safely, AND with three hours to spare before the flight...some A&R Rep here earned his pay last week getting all this put together. Speaking of which, if any of you need a passport lickety split, send cash to Roadrunner Records, attn: ILL NINO A&R. Tonight (11/26), the fruits of labor begin to pay off, as Ill Nino will be performing their first show ever in Europe - at Offenbach Capitol in Frankfurt, Germany to be exact. Playing with Machine Head, to be even more precise. They will be playing 14 dates with Machine Head, ending on December 13th, to be fully complete. Word is Ill Nino percussionist will be calling in from the UK within the next couple weeks for Part V of Mr Roger's Return To The Hood, wherein he will recap the last days of the Oracle Tour. Until then, remember that "What Comes Around" goes around, and Ill Nino will be back in the US soon enough...and remember to check out the latest download from their debut release in our MUSIC section. debut release Revolution...Revolucion in stores now